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Why That Diamond Really is BFF Material.

Happy Diamond Month! April is here and with the Diamond being April’s Birthstone it’s really got us thinking….Did you ever wonder why there’s the expression “A Diamond is A Girl’s Best Friend” or where it started from, or why is it only a girl’s best friend?  

Well firstly, to find where it started, we have to go back to 1949, when the legendary Carol Channing introduces this verse in a jazz song of the same name in the original Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Now that’s where it started; but how is it relevant today? We live in a very different world now than what we did seventy years ago. Between traditions, styles and preferences evolving, and gender labels being removed, things seem more complex than the simpler time of the past. Now let’s get one thing out of the way; diamonds, jewellery, bling, and all that jazz aren’t for everyone; and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and we’re not here to try to sell you on the idea that having a diamond is going to make or break how you live your life. But let’s get back to it!

We know Diamonds have been many of our go to’s for that perfect engagement ring, the surprise holiday or birthday gift, or maybe even that special treat we gift ourselves for celebrating an accomplishment. Again…why? What makes this shiny object so desirable, or so important that we want to pass it on as a family heirloom. Why do we choose a natural diamond over something synthetic, or lab created? Would it not be a less expensive alternative to just put some glass in our ears or on a ring and call it a day? I think we’ve really started to miss the point of what makes a diamond so meaningful. 

Here’s the gist of how a natural diamond is made; you have Carbon deposits that are super deep within the earth and then those deposits are subjected to temperature and pressure. Under these intensive conditions the carbon deposits form the diamond (exact time frame is really unknown). Some materialize in days, weeks or months. Others take millions of years. Diamond growth isn’t always a continuous process. A diamond might start growing, then all of a sudden experience an interruption because of a change in temperature or pressure. It could sit for hundreds or millions of years before growth resumes. And remember; no two natural diamonds are the same. Maybe similar, but not identical. You certainly don’t get that with something synthetic or lab created. So let that sink in for a moment. 

A diamond is easily comparable to who we are and who we become. Whether you want to symbolize your own strengths and accomplishments through thick and thin, or you decide to gift a diamond to someone, you could easily be comparing to how your relationship grew over time, through all the heated moments, or the intense pressures that life threw your way, what you ended up with was something that will sparkle for a lifetime and a little sign of proof that something beautiful can come out of every situation. 

So, since many of us choose and grow to be around people and to have those BFFs that may be are a reflection of who we are, we know that this is an organic formation, and we think it’s safe to stand by saying this why a Diamond can be anyone’s best friend. 

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