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Happiness is Seeing Your Mother Smile.

This past year has pretty much been a blur. Our human interaction looks and sounds a little bit different, but once that calendar flips May the first thing that comes to mind is HER. 

When you were little did you make her those homemade gifts in class this time of the year? Maybe it was a card with your hand prints on them, or maybe it was a beautiful drawing of the two of you? Do you remember how excited you were to make them? Probably so much that you couldn’t even wait to give it her! And then, when you did finally surprise her, she knew instantly not just how much this gift meant to you to do and create but she knew ultimately how much SHE means to you. 

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year may be a little different. Perhaps you’re celebrating your first Mother’s Day at a distance. Maybe this is your first Mother’s Day as a parent and you’re celebrating with your significant other, or maybe this is the year your want to do something extra special for her. We want to show her how grateful for everything she does; and we want it to be a representation of you. 

In the world of jewellery there are so many ways to express yourself in a way thats unique as the individual who will wear it. Something as simple as a locket and chain can carry around the most important people in her life around her neck. Or how about having a piece of jewellery that is designed to incorporate each member of her family with their own birthstones. When it comes to her, you’re once again able to go back to your inner child and put thought into something that will surely surprise her. The opportunities are endless.

Whether she goes by “Mom”, “Grandma”, “Auntie”, “Sister”, or by any other name; there are those women who will stand out in our lives those mother figures. She’s our teacher as we grow, our cheerleader when we succeed, and our superhero when we need her the most! And we know that in the end, that through all of life’s moments; happiness is when you see your mother smile. 

To All The Mom Figures out there we wish you all a Happy Mothers Day.

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