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When a Ring is More than a Ring: Part 1 (The Engagement Ring)

June is here and we may have had a little more time on our hands than normal. So what have you been up to? Many people around this time of year seem to catch that pre-summer engagement buzz and perhaps with some of us spending isolation together we’ve gotten a little closer over the last year. So are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Firstly, no – there is no set time to propose or be proposed to; so let’s get that out of the way. Next up; the rule of three months salary goes back to a 1930’s ad campaign so let’s not go back in time. And finally; as a jeweller we may seem biased about certain elements of the ring, but really we want to educate and collaborate with you throughout the journey (both the engagement ring, and the wedding bands) because if you’re excited and happy than so are we. Okay perfect now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the point of this blog 😉 

For the engagement ring purchaser there are going to be so many options and styles you’ll be thinking buying a car can be less complicated and you may be overwhelmed; but remember that when you visit your local jeweller you are meant to be in good hands. Never be afraid to ask questions, and at the end of the day you know your partner the best (and more than likely you’ve had some hints dropped as to what they want).  The world of jewellery is like an art and when you visit a jeweller who offers custom design, you can truly make one of a kind piece. Did you know that you had that option? You can look at a design and may be able modify it to say use a different metal, accent it with a precious gemstone or diamond, or even get creative with some details to the band itself. 

Life has so many complications already, but when it’s time to go engagement ring shopping this should not be one of them. And remember this ring is more than just a ring; it’s a representation of you on their finger and when they look down they want to think of you and the world the two of you share.

Stay tuned next month when we touch base on Wedding Bands!

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Happiness is Seeing Your Mother Smile.

This past year has pretty much been a blur. Our human interaction looks and sounds a little bit different, but once that calendar flips May the first thing that comes to mind is HER. 

When you were little did you make her those homemade gifts in class this time of the year? Maybe it was a card with your hand prints on them, or maybe it was a beautiful drawing of the two of you? Do you remember how excited you were to make them? Probably so much that you couldn’t even wait to give it her! And then, when you did finally surprise her, she knew instantly not just how much this gift meant to you to do and create but she knew ultimately how much SHE means to you. 

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year may be a little different. Perhaps you’re celebrating your first Mother’s Day at a distance. Maybe this is your first Mother’s Day as a parent and you’re celebrating with your significant other, or maybe this is the year your want to do something extra special for her. We want to show her how grateful for everything she does; and we want it to be a representation of you. 

In the world of jewellery there are so many ways to express yourself in a way thats unique as the individual who will wear it. Something as simple as a locket and chain can carry around the most important people in her life around her neck. Or how about having a piece of jewellery that is designed to incorporate each member of her family with their own birthstones. When it comes to her, you’re once again able to go back to your inner child and put thought into something that will surely surprise her. The opportunities are endless.

Whether she goes by “Mom”, “Grandma”, “Auntie”, “Sister”, or by any other name; there are those women who will stand out in our lives those mother figures. She’s our teacher as we grow, our cheerleader when we succeed, and our superhero when we need her the most! And we know that in the end, that through all of life’s moments; happiness is when you see your mother smile. 

To All The Mom Figures out there we wish you all a Happy Mothers Day.

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Why That Diamond Really is BFF Material.

Happy Diamond Month! April is here and with the Diamond being April’s Birthstone it’s really got us thinking….Did you ever wonder why there’s the expression “A Diamond is A Girl’s Best Friend” or where it started from, or why is it only a girl’s best friend?  

Well firstly, to find where it started, we have to go back to 1949, when the legendary Carol Channing introduces this verse in a jazz song of the same name in the original Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Now that’s where it started; but how is it relevant today? We live in a very different world now than what we did seventy years ago. Between traditions, styles and preferences evolving, and gender labels being removed, things seem more complex than the simpler time of the past. Now let’s get one thing out of the way; diamonds, jewellery, bling, and all that jazz aren’t for everyone; and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and we’re not here to try to sell you on the idea that having a diamond is going to make or break how you live your life. But let’s get back to it!

We know Diamonds have been many of our go to’s for that perfect engagement ring, the surprise holiday or birthday gift, or maybe even that special treat we gift ourselves for celebrating an accomplishment. Again…why? What makes this shiny object so desirable, or so important that we want to pass it on as a family heirloom. Why do we choose a natural diamond over something synthetic, or lab created? Would it not be a less expensive alternative to just put some glass in our ears or on a ring and call it a day? I think we’ve really started to miss the point of what makes a diamond so meaningful. 

Here’s the gist of how a natural diamond is made; you have Carbon deposits that are super deep within the earth and then those deposits are subjected to temperature and pressure. Under these intensive conditions the carbon deposits form the diamond (exact time frame is really unknown). Some materialize in days, weeks or months. Others take millions of years. Diamond growth isn’t always a continuous process. A diamond might start growing, then all of a sudden experience an interruption because of a change in temperature or pressure. It could sit for hundreds or millions of years before growth resumes. And remember; no two natural diamonds are the same. Maybe similar, but not identical. You certainly don’t get that with something synthetic or lab created. So let that sink in for a moment. 

A diamond is easily comparable to who we are and who we become. Whether you want to symbolize your own strengths and accomplishments through thick and thin, or you decide to gift a diamond to someone, you could easily be comparing to how your relationship grew over time, through all the heated moments, or the intense pressures that life threw your way, what you ended up with was something that will sparkle for a lifetime and a little sign of proof that something beautiful can come out of every situation. 

So, since many of us choose and grow to be around people and to have those BFFs that may be are a reflection of who we are, we know that this is an organic formation, and we think it’s safe to stand by saying this why a Diamond can be anyone’s best friend.